14 Oct - 17 Oct 2021 14 October - 17 October 2021

Exclusive Replay of
FBN 2021 | PART 1
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Contempory and adventurous flamenco with a choice of artists taking flamenco beyond the limits of the genre.

  • Rocío Molina
  • Ana Morales
  • Pablo Martín Caminero Trio
  • Daniel García Diego Trio
  • Andrés Marín
  • Vanesa Aibar
Festival Teaser
Demo video one

Al Fondo Riela
Rocío Molina

Demo video one

En la cuerda floja
Ana Morales

Demo video one

Al Toque
Pablo Martín Caminero Trio

Demo video one

Daniel García Diego Trio

Demo video one

La Reina del Metal
Vanesa Aibár


What is Flamenco Biënnale?

The Dutch Flamenco Biennial is a two-yearly trendsetting music and dance festival in the Netherlands and Belgium presenting the latest developments in flamenco since 2006. With contemporary creators who make up the vanguard of flamenco, we explore the borders of the genre ánd dive deep into the arte jondo. Every two years we provide an effervescent platform to the flamenco arts in Europe with a high-quality genre- and discipline transcending festival programme in which diversity and multidisciplinarity are paramount. This year we're bringing you a mixed festival of online and offline performances.

What is Replay FBN 2021 | Part 1?

In January and February 2021 we turned the restrictions of Covid into a happy event: beautiful online performances in "(A)Live & Streaming" from Spain. So many of you were grateful and enthousiastic about this event, so we decided to offer it to you one last time. On 14 - 17 October, we will stream one performance per night. All you need to do to experience this event, is to register for it. Our present to you.

What happens after I register for the Replay?

You can register for Replay, the complete 4 night online event, on this page. Closer to the event dates, we will send you a link and a "key" you will need to enter the online event from your home on 14 - 17 October.

What is Flamenco Biënnale 2021 | Part 2?

Flamenco Biënnale Nederland 2021 has become a diptych. We celebrated Part 1 of the eight edition in January/Februari 2021 as an online streaming festival: (A)Live & Streaming from Spain. After this wonderful online adventure, that will be broadcasted in the fall as a REPLAY, we will be embarking in November on Part 2 as a LIVE, offline festival. From 7 to 29 November 2021 we will bring you Alive & Kicking the vanguard of flamenco dance, the art of the jazz flamenco trio and a brand new creation, Flamenco Criollo, an adventurous mix of flamenco with Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz and captivating maqam from Morocco. A swirling flamenco sanctuary in the Netherlands the whole month of November 2021! Check out our program at